Arrest made in potato dismemberment investigation

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – An arrest has been made after new evidence arises in a grisly death investigation.

On Wednesday, FTN first told you about the discovery of a dismembered potato.

That potato was later identified as Mr. Potato Head.

Police say they found Head in pieces around one-year-old Alexander Essex’s bedroom.

Essex is now facing toy slaughter charges.

“We found a photo. That photo was pretty incriminating. It shows the suspect holding Mr. Potato Head’s hand. For us, that sealed the deal,” Sheriff Woody told us.

The decision to only charge Essex with toy slaughter as opposed to first degree toyder came down to a a couple of key factors the prosecutor told us.

“First, if you’ve ever known a Mr. Potato Head, you know they like to be dramatic. You’ll find them in pieces one day…and the next they will be back together like nothing ever happened. That could still happen here. Second, Essex is one. Based on what I’ve seen, there was no malicious intent,” prosecutor Jim the Monkey said.

If convicted, Essex could face two hours of nap time.

He is set to appear for lunch just before noon.

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