Are conditions in the jail, often referred to as the crib, up to par?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind (FTN) – After spending almost two years in and out of jail, one local toddler speaks out against what he says are substandard jail conditions.

The jail is often referred to as the “crib.”

“It’s brutal. There’s no bathroom. I’m expected to just pee my pants? Poop my pants? How is that humane?”

That was past, and future inmate Alexander Essex.

Essex admits he is a frequent inmate in the jail.

“Every night…and at least once a day. But I’ve been working hard. It use to be two or three times during the day.”

The “crib” was built back in 2015. Officials say the construction cost at the time was almost $500. The current inmate capacity is only one inmate, but Essex says over crowding is not the issue.

“They put my things in my line of site, but don’t let me have them. I will be forced to lay there and look at all of my fun stuff. It’s torture,” Essex said.

We were able to speak with Sheriff Woody, the person that heads up the jail. He says you’re only hearing one side of the story.

“We tried taking the bars off. It was non-stop escape attempts. One time even resulting in injury. We have not just a job, but a duty to keep our inmate safe,” the Sheriff said. “Sometimes he is great while he is in there…not a peep. Other times, he has smeared his own poop on the bars. We have people that clean that up…but they don’t seem happy while doing it.”

We wanted to know what Essex thought the solution should be.

“I don’t have an answer. Maybe a tv in added to the crib? Let the dog in here while I’m locked up? I don’t know. Did you know the sheets and the pillow cases in here have Sheriff Woody’s face on them? Who does that? How full of yourself do you have to be?” Essex said.

Discussions are underway to try removing the bars again, but there’s no timeframe on when that could happen.

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