Always Watching: Invasion of privacy or right to spy?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Are your parents always watching?

That is the concern one local toddler brought to our attention.

That toddler who wishes to not be identified says it seemed a little too much like “Big Brother,” only there is no big brother anywhere to be seen.

“Listen, I understand the need to make sure my room stays safe. They can’t be everywhere at once…but at what cost?” The toddler said.

IMG_8659The camera in question is a hard-wired WiFi camera. The listed use is to monitor a child while he sleeps.

“That’s just creepy to me,” the toddler said. “Does it really need night vision?”

Local mother Ami Essex admitted to peeking in just for fun sometimes.

“With my child, it’s just fun to watch him play when he doesn’t know I’m looking. It’s cute,” Ami said.

That gray area has experts divided.

“This won’t be the popular answer, but ultimately, it is the parent’s call. I’m not saying a parent owns an underage child….but a parent basically owns an underage child.” the expert told us.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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