Robot undergoes emergency battery transplant surgery after being found unresponsive

Elmo and BeatBo

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A dancing robot is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing emergency surgery.

On Saturday, the usually energetic toy was unresponsive.

That robot was identified as BeatBo.

According to BeatBo’s friends, the bot has been showing signs of slowing down.

“We noticed him stopping mid-sentence. He would start his song and dance…and then out of nowhere, just stop, we thought maybe he was just tired…didn’t think much about it,” Kanga the Kangaroo said.

On Saturday, things took a turn for the worse.

“Elmo and BeatBo were playing, When BeatBo told Elmo to push his tummy, When Elmo pushed his tummy nothing happened. Me was scared,” Tickle Me Elmo laughed.

That is when Elmo called first responders.

BeatBo was taken to the kitchen table for emergency surgery.

Doctors tell us they were fairly sure what they had before the bot was brought in.

“Of course our first thought is always the on-off switch. You know, some people forget about that. When that didn’t do it, we knew this would have to involve surgery,” Dr. JJ The Panda told us.

Doctors say there were several factors that made this surgery a challenge.

“First, his batteries were held in by screws in two different compartments. Our team needed to find the proper screwdriver to crack him open. We were lucky there was one in the junk drawer,” Dr. Panda said. “After that, we learned we would need four Double A batteries. Lucky for us, those are common.”

IMG_4373Officials with the hospital say they had enough batteries on hand for a successful transplant, but it wiped out nearly half of their supply.

After recovering from surgery, we spoke with BeatBo.

“When my tummy turns red, say something!” BeatBo said, followed by a dance.

His friends are just happy to have him back.

“Elmo does not know what me would have done if me would have not had more play time with him. Elmo is just glad to have him back,” Elmo said.

BeatBo is expected to make a full recovery by Sunday morning when Alex wakes up.

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