Police fear Crystal Light usage on the rise as toddler tries to lift dog twice his weight

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – Police fear Crystal Light usage is on the rise after a local toddler went on a rampage Sunday night.

It happened just before bedtime at a southern Vigo County home.

Officials say it started when one-year-old Alex Essex was eating dinner.

“He just started acting…really hyperactive. It was all fun and games until he tried to pick up a dog,” Sheriff Woody said.

Police suspect the Crystal gave Essex a false sense of super strength.

“That dog weighs nearly 80 lbs. Essex weighs no more that 40. She is nearly twice is weight,” Woody told us.

That dog was identified a yellow lab Anya. She was uninjured in the incident.

“Look, we’ve see a rise in Crystal Light usage. It’s dangerous. I don’t know how these kids keep getting sippy cups full of the stuff,” Woody said.

We’ve reached out to the company that produces Crystal Light, but so far, we haven’t received a comment.

Essex was arrested soon after and sent to the crib where he served about 10-hours.

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