Restaurant full of people concerned after toddler keeps yelling “die”

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler left a restaurant full of people alarmed after he kept yelling “die.”

It happened Friday morning at the Coffee Cup Restaurant on south 3rd street.

That is where witnesses say a toddler in a booth started yelling die out the window.

“We were eating…and it scared us. What a creepy kid,” a witness said.

That child was identified as one-year-old Alexander Essex.

His parents say there is a good explanation for the outburst.

“He’s not saying die. Okay. Well he is saying die, but he’s actually trying to say sky,” Ami Essex, Alex’s mother said.

His parents say he has a hard time with his “S” words.

“Daisy is Dainey…and sky is die, Ami said.

His parents say they will continue to with with him on the letter S.

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