Toys fed up over sheriff who was in a movie “that one time”

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A group of toys at one south side apartment say they are sick of hearing the sheriff talk about that one time he was in a movie.

The sheriff is Sheriff Woody and the movie was Toy Story.

“Yes, I had a bit of an acting career in my younger days. I was in a movie called Toy Story…have you heard of it? They tell me it was a hit…but I don’t pay attention to things like that,” Sheriff Woody told us.

That statement has some of the other toys calling foul. We spoke with a group of Mickey Mouse toys who live in Alexander Essex’s bedroom.

“He’s acting like he is a big deal…I bite my tongue. I KNEW Walt…I was there was Disneyland opened. I am the franchise,” Mickey said. “He is just a Pixar offshoot.”

A group of toys held a demonstration outside of the toy box in protest of the sheriff.

“He’s a good sheriff…but I’m sick of him telling us about the time he flew. Yeah, maybe with special effects and a Buzz Lightyear. He’s lucky Buzz isn’t here to set the record straight,” A Little People person known only as “Helicopter Girl” said.

Sheriff Woody says this is a lot of concern about nothing.

“It’s overblown. Kind of like that time I saved all of the toys from this evil daycare. Did you know they made a whole storyline in the Walking Dead using that story from my past?” Woody said. “It’s really not a big deal. Yes, my photo is on the jail sheets and pillowcases. I have a lot of merchandise out there….if Buzz were here, he would tell you.”

According to unconfirmed reports, a Buzz Lightyear, still in his packaging has been spotted in Alexander Essex’s parent’s bedroom.

Sources say this could be a birthday gift.

“I hope so,” Mickey said. “Somebody needs to put that cowboy in his place.”

Sheriff Woody is up for reelection later this year.

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