Child caught between mom and dad’s sticker battle

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County mom and dad are using their toddler to hide stickers to shock each other.

It started last week when one-year-old Alexander Essex’s father Chris noticed a sticker on his toddler’s forehead.

“So, Ami woke up with him until she had to go to work, and care and grabbed me. That when I saw something on his forehead,” Chris said.

That something was a sticker that said “sweet.”

“I just assumed he found a sticker book, until I texted my wife,” Chris went on to say.

Ami said she was hoping the sticker would change his mood.

“It said sweet. I thought maybe…just maybe it would make him sweet,” Ami said.

That turned into a battle of stickers.

“So far, I’ve hid an I’ve been Krogering sticker on his leg under his pants. Another one on his temple. He doesn’t seem to care,” Chris said.

Chris and Ami say that have a whole book full of cheesy stickers to keep the battle going.

Ami even hinted at the potential of using temporary tattoos.

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