Dad fears rapture after two minutes of silence

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad says two minutes of silence gave him about three seconds of solid panic.

It happened on Sunday, when Chris Essex, father of two year old Alex Essex said he noticed no noise coming from Alex or his wife Ami Essex.

“I was making Alex lunch, cutting it up, and I was like…this is kind of nice. Alex wasn’t standing right behind me waiting for food. My wife wasn’t in the kitchen making her fourth cup of coffee,” Chris told us.

That sense of nice turned into panic though.

“After about two minutes, I was from nice to oh my god the rapture happened. I’ve been left behind,” Chris said.

Chris said he always knew he wouldn’t make it during a rapture type event.

“That was the only explanation I could thank of. I said Alex’s name and he cane running,” Chris said.

His wife was in the bathroom, and his son was watching Blippi playing quietly with a new Lightning McQueen toy.

Experts say if your toddler is quiet, there could be cause for concern.

“Usually, they are up to no good,” our expert told us. “Coloring in walls, jamming a toy against the tv…anything really.”

The expert said enjoy the quiet moments, with caution.

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