Three tips to keep that dad bod rocking into 2019

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – According to a few random women – the dad bod is in.

The good news? The dad bod look might be more achievable than you think.

These three simple steps will help you maintain that dad bod you already have.

  1. The gym membership – Just because you have a gym membership doesn’t mean you have to use it. In fact, gyms actually hope you don’t. Heck, if you pick the right gym, you can even get pizza and bagels once a month…on them. I like the gym membership because you often get a sweet little key tag that says I’m trying…but since I’m a dad, I can only give this so much attention.
  2. The dad tax – The dad tax is a great excuse to eat like a toddler, as if you needed one. The secret to the dad tax is to make a few extra chicken nuggets…or just go for it and make that entire box of mac and cheese for your little one. You are not taking their food…just making more than they will ever eat.
  3. The pre-bed time snack – The key to making this one acceptable is telling your spouse you’ve been too busy with work and hanging out with your kid to get a proper dinner. Fellas, we know you’ve been getting in on that dad tax, but that will be our little secret.

The key to making sure this works, is truly being a good dad. If you are always playing on your phone and ignoring your kids, this comes off as less of a dad bod and more of a loser dad, with a bit of a belly.

That is the easy part, because let’s not lie…our kids really…and literally probably the best things about us.

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