Toddler runs into wall doing ‘Baby Box Challenge’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler is recovering after he ran into the wall trying the internet craze ‘Baby Box Challenge.’

This challenge is a spin-off of the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ where people blindfold themselves and try to do various things.

In the Baby Box Challenge a toddler will stick a diaper box on his head and run around uncontrollably yelling robot.

Two-year-old Alex was trying the challenge on Saturday night when he ran into the wall.

“He had the box on and I just hear thud. I was like…crap. He just ran into the wall, didn’t he?” Alex’s dad Chris told us.

He said he hadn’t heard of the challenge before Saturday but says it seems like something a toddler would do.

“You know know with kids now. Just last week he stuck an ice cube down his pants” Chris said.

Chris told us Alex wasn’t hurt, but did ask for a pack of gummy snacks soon after.

Experts say it is important to monitor what your kid see on the internet and warn to make sure they are not taking part in any dangerous activities.

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