Parents consider taking credit for already built snowman on social media

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents say they considered taking credit for an already built snowman on social media.

It happened Sunday in southern Vigo County.

That is where parents Chris and Ami Essex say they spotted a snowman, even taking photos of their toddler, Alex with it.

“We talked about saying we built it…I mean, it wasn’t a big crazy special snowman…something we would have done,” Chris said.

The snowman sat near a lake close to the parents home. Chris told us the sunset made the photo opp irresistible.

“The sun was in that magic hour spot. We had to take photos of Alex with it,” Chris said.

While the parents didn’t take credit for it in their social media post, they failed to say they didn’t build it.

The social media post even mentioned a snowman.

“I didn’t lie…I just…left that part out,” Chris said.

“We will build snowmen with him as he gets older, but at two, Alex would just knock it down,” Ami said.

Reports say Alex ripped a stick arm and a clothes pin nose out of the snowman, but Chris and Ami said they replaced both.

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