Parents express regret at procrastinating toddler’s haircut

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Almost homeless.

That is how two-year-old Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, described his son’s hair as looking on social media.

On Tuesday, Chris…along with the toddler’s mom, Ami, decided to take Alex in for a haircut.

“We’ve been putting it off,” Ami said. “Last time…he just got so pissy.”

The Essex parents say Alex is going to a major case of stranger danger.

“He is shy…he won’t run, but he’s a shy kid,” Chris said.

Prior to the haircut, Chris said he thought he may have cracked the code.

“The razor…is that what stylists call it? Whatever. The noise I think scares him. So we asked her to go with the scissor cut first…and save the razor for last,” Chris told us.

The couple says that appears to have been the factor pushing Alex over the edge.

“90 percent of the haircut was done, so it was time for her to fine tune…as soon as she started using the razor…he lost his mind,” Ami said.

The parents credit the stylist at Great Clips for her help in calming Alex down.

“I really regret putting this off. His Christmas 2018 photos…yeah…those will be the ones where we knew we put it off,” Chris told us.

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