Terre Haute toddler busted going through his mom’s bag, but was dad to blame?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler is facing time out after his dad busted him digging through his mother’s bag.

It happened on Saturday at a southern Vigo County home.

That is where two-year-old Alex Essex allegedly dug through his mother’s bag…reportedly finding items like old gummy snacks, toys, and feminine hygiene products.

Alex’s father, Chris made the accusation.

“So I was watching…loading the dishwasher. Or laundry. When he brought me a pack of melted…and then reformed gummy snacks. I was like, okay. You can have them, and opened them for him,” Chris said.

But that’s not where it ended.

“He brought me a second pack. That is when I became suspicious,” Chris told us.

He said when he went to investigate, he found Ami Essex’s bag on the floor, near the dining room table, with its contents everywhere.

“He was flipping through her day organizer…calendar thing,” Chris said.

But Ami said that isn’t the whole story.

“He was mindlessly watching Thomas the Tank Engine,” Ami said.

When we asked her to clarify who “he” is, she said Chris.

“Chris was watching Alex’s show. That’s what he told me. I went to take a phone call, I was in our bedroom when it happened,” Ami told us.

For now, the incident remains under investigation.

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