Toddler tries to take dad’s spot during story time

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler is accused of taking his dad’s side of the bed during story time…and refusing to give it back.

It happened Tuesday night before three-year-old Alex Essex went to bed.

Alex’s parents, Chris and Ami Essex say they let the toddler pick two books, one for each parent to read, before bed.

“We usually take him into our room for reading, he will lay in the big bed in the middle, and we will read the books,” Ami said.

On Tuesday, however, that changed.

“I was getting his bed ready,” Chris said. “I was a minute later getting into our bedroom…by the time I got in there…he set up shop on my side of the bed.”

Chris said Alex told him to “lay where mommy lays.”

The problem is, Ami was also in the bed.

Ultimately, Chris picked up Alex and moved him to the middle position he usually lays in.

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