Born for Bread: Pre-dinner prank turns into toddler’s favorite snack

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) A local dad was left scratching his head after a prank on his toddler turned serious.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, said the prank happened before the child sat down to eat dinner.

“I was cooking, I think it was grilled cheese, for Alex and Ami, so I had slices of wheat bread on a plate, ready to be buttered and put on the skillet,” Chris said.

He told us Alex was getting impatient, asking for a pack of gummy snacks,

“So, as a joke, I gave him a dry piece of the bread and told him that was all he was getting for dinner tonight…a single piece of bread,” Chris told us.

That is when Alex reportedly scarfed down the slide of bread.

“Him eating it didn’t really surprise me, toddlers will try almost anything,” Chris said.

What happened over the next couple of weeks had Chris confused.

“He started asking for bread. For snacks, for breakfast…for example, we would give him a snack, with gummy snacks or a cookie…he would want bread instead…turning down the other snacks,” Chris told us.

Chris said he is happy Alex likes bread more than candy, but knows too much of it isn’t a good thing.

We asked Alex what he thought about this bread,

“Puke. I want a bite of bread,” Alex demanded.

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