Christmas in May? Missing Christmas tree display leads to toddler tantrum in Kroger

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A trip to a local grocery store ended with a local toddler demanding to see a Christmas tree in May,

It happened Saturday night at Kroger on Terre Haute’s south-side.

Parents say three-year-old Alex Essex became upset when he noticed a Christmas tree display was gone.

The display was reportedly near the coffee creamer, in the back corner of the store.

Parents say the display was removed nearly five months ago, when Christmas ended.

“Where did the Christmas tree go? See the Christmas tree!” Alex said in the store.

Alex’s dad, Chris, was pushing Alex in the cart when the incident happened.

“He has noticed it was gone before. He’s asked about it, but this time, he demanded it. I had to explain to him it was almost summer, and we don’t have Christmas trees up in the summer,” Chris told us. “There are popsicles where the display was.”

Chris said he was able to talk Alex down, but his Christmas tree demands weren’t over.

“Alex knows where we store our Christmas tree at home. He started demanding to see it, going to the closet we store the tree,” Chris said.

“Santa in there? Is Santa in the closet?” Alex asked his dad, when Chris opened the closet to show his son the tree.

Chris said he explained to the toddler that Santa was at the North Pole, working on toys for this coming Christmas.

“The kicker? Alex is kind of afraid of pine trees, and Christmas trees, he likes to look at them, but he is afraid to touch them,” Alex’s mom, Ami, said.

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