Dad completes record breaking 58-minute mile during walk with toddler

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad is the talk of the parent community after he complete a 58-minute mile during a walk at a park with his three-year-old son.

The event happened on Sunday evening at Deming Park in Terre Haute.

That is where 36-year-old Chris Essex, his wife Ami, and their son Alex went on a walk.

“When we started the walk, I would not have ever dreamed I could have broken the record,” Chris said.

Chris told us the walk started in the playground area, with Alex taking a short detour, and then running right for the railroad tracks for the little train that is in the park.

“He loves to walk those tracks, no, they are not for a full sized train, just a little one that wasn’t running at the time,” Chris told us. “After that, he was off.”

According to the family there were several stops, at puddles, piles of sticks, tree holes, a stage, a couple of picnic style shelters, and a water fountain.

“I think with fewer stops, I can get it down to 50-minutes maybe. But he loves to explore, and I’m not going to stop him,” Chris told us.

Midway through the record breaking event, Chris’ brother, David Essex, joined to catch it live.

“They were near the stage when I arrived. Alex just kept doing laps around that thing,” David said.

Adding to the event, Chris said there were times toward the end he had to carry Alex.

“Image carrying a three-year-old, who is the size of a five year old. My shoulder muscles were burning, he was doing the piggy back ride, and man, I felt that. At one point I had a stick in my face that Alex was carrying,” Chris told us.

During a follow up walk on Monday morning, Chris nearly shattered the Sunday night record with a nearly 41-minute mile, but he didn’t quite make it one mile.

“Alex was getting grumpy, he was thinking about lunch. He was wanting to just plate in the bed of my truck…maybe next time,” Chris said.

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