Toy found safe after ‘Mater Alert’ delays lunch by 20 minutes

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A late Tuesday morning ‘Mater Alert’ forced a 20-minute delay in lunchtime for a local three-year-old.

Parents created the ‘Mater Alert’ after a brand new, Mater the tow truck toy went missing within hours after buying it. Now, anytime a toy is missing, parents issue a Mater Alert.


Around 10:30, Alex Essex reporter to his father, Chris, that his ‘baby train’ was missing.

“I was getting ready to start his lunch, and Alex came into the kitchen,very upset, searching for his baby train. I had no idea which train that was…he has a lot of toy trains,” Chris said.

Chris said he asked Alex for a description, but the toddler was very distraught when he couldn’t find the toy.

“Baby train is red…black and red,” Alex said. “Daddy finding the baby train, please.”

Chris said after that description, he thought he knew what Alex was looking for.

The search went on for about 20 minutes, with Chris and Alex digging through a toy box, dumping out Hot Wheels cars, and even pushing over a Hot Wheels table.

In the end, Chris said he found it where he was least expecting it.

“The dining room floor. I was just passing though to go from Alex’s room back to the living room…and boom, there it was. Honestly, at that time, I was already starting to think of a distraction to try and get his mind off of it,” Chris said.

After finding the toy, Alex reportedly didn’t even play with it, moving on to a different toy the pair found during their search.

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