Toddler sits on exercise bike for three minutes…using it more than both of his parents in months – combined

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler spent about three minutes sitting on an exercise bike, and parents say that’s more use than it has gotten in six months.

It happened on Monday at a home in the southern part of the city.

Three-year-old Alex Essex reportedly asked his dad, Chris, if he could sit on the bike.

The bike has been in a corner in the family’s living room since late last year.

“He started by putting his ‘Little People’ Mickey Mouse on the bike seat…but soon after that, he wanted up there. Fine. He might as well get some use out of it,” Chris said.

Chris said he lifted Alex on to the seat, where the toddler decided to sit the wrong way and eat a Nurtigrain bar.

“It was a snack from a few minutes before that, I sat it on the ledge and kind of forgot it was there. He found that and an old iPhone…so he smacked…made some phone calls…and played with his Mickey,” Chris told is.

According to Chris, the few minutes Alex spent on the bike gave it the most action it has seen in a while.

“Foot issues…or something,” Chris grumbled, eluding to his chronic foot problems. “Buying it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

We asked Alex about his phone call, on the years old, has not been powered up iPhone 4 his parents let him play with.

“Go bye bye in daddy’s truck…okay bye,” Alex told he said during the call.

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