Dad names toddler’s Little People toys ‘heads of propaganda’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad is patting himself on the back after he unofficial named his toddler’s ‘Little People’ toys as the head of his propaganda department.

Chris Essex is three-year-old Alex’s dad. While the pair were playing with new Toy Story themed Little People, he started using them to teach this toddler about things like manors and sharing.

“I must be the first one to think of this. I am so smart,” Chris said.

FTN confirmed Chris was not the first to use this tactic.

Chris said he plans to keep his ‘message’ on the up and up, but admits he might not be able to keep any promises.

“Sure, I would like to think I keep it to manors and nap time, and please and thank you…and blah blah blah…that is so boring. Soon, his toys will teach him about bringing daddy things from the other room, and taking bowls to the sink,” Chris said.

Alex has been into Little People since just before he turned two, but he prefers the Disney characters.

When Alex’s mom came home from the store with the new Toy Story set, Chris knew now was the time to implement his plan.

Alex said he doesn’t seem to mind.

“Play Little People…with the zoo train,” Alex said. “Where did Minnie go?”

Alex ran away to grab the toys right after we asked.

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