In a sea of Blippi and Thomas the Tank Engine, dad tries to make Rugrats happen

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad is trying push his childhood favorite shows on his toddler, so far, without much success.

On Monday, 36-year-old Chris Essex stopped an episode of one of three-year-old Alex’s favorites, as Youtuber named Blippi, to show him Rugrats.

Chris said he didn’t have much success.

“It was the episode where Tommy got a boo-boo and became scared to do anything…when he cut his finger saving the baby bird,” Chris said.

He said Alex was into it for a couple of minutes, but quickly became bored.

“I had this plan when he was little, to only let him watch shows from MY childhood, because I could actually enjoy them too. But have you rewatched Rocko’s Modern Life? There’s a thing with him being a phone sex operator,” Chris said.

Chris admits the adventures of Tommy, Chucky, Phil, and Lil might have to wait a little longer, but he told us he would not give up.

“Rugrats is a great show, but I just don’t think he was ready. It’s very complex…I am not giving up, he will get there. I will say the SD ruining my eyes for the rest of the day…maybe that was it,” Chris said,

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