Dad’s procrastinating leads to after hours toy art exhibit

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad is displaying his artistic creation in an after hour exhibit.

Chris Essex is three-year-old Alex’s dad.

Chris said he was supposed to be cleaning toys in the family’s living room after Alex went to bed when he decided he wasn’t read to get up yet.

“I was tired, and at the moment, my phone was out of reach. I had a random pile of Duplo toys in front of me…my artistic vision kicked in,” Chris told us.

He had part of a generic train, part of a Thomas train, and a few parts from a Disney/Pixar Cars set.

“I call it Lightning MacThomas the Mater. It was very fragile. There’s no way it would survive 30 seconds of Alex,” he told us.

He told us the process involved stacking several pieces that didn’t fit together.

“The challenge was getting the Lightning and Mater to attach to the generic train cab. What you can’t see is a small additional Thomas part I moved to the top of the train car. It holds the whole thing together, the unsung hero,” Chris said.

He told told us the addition of the Mac trailer was an unexpected surprise.

“I didn’t even know it was there until I was done. I was proud of my work…but then I found the Mac…and wow. It was my masterpiece,” Chris told us.

Chris said he convinced his wife to let him keep the toys out, meaning the piece will remain on display throughout the night, likely to be destroyed first things in the morning.

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