Parents discover next stage in toddler tiredness after fireworks show

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents claim they uncovered another layer in their toddler’s reaction to being tired.

If true, experts say it could be a scientific breakthrough.

Chris and Ami Essex said they made the discovery on Saturday night in Paris, Illinois during the town’s fireworks display.

Their three-year-old son Alex spent the night before with his grandmother, and didn’t get as much sleep as he usually does.

“It breaks down into several reliable to predict tired layers. First, he gets kind of quiet. Like, zones out. Then he gets slaphappy…everything is funny, overly funny. For example, he will belly laugh at the dog eating,” Ami said. “Last, and we try not to let it get to this point, he gets really crappy. He wants to hit and throw.”

On Saturday, Alex was up way past his bedtime to watch the fireworks. He is usually in bed by 8:00 p.m., but on Saturday it was more like 11:30.

“Paris is about 30 minutes away, plus there is a time difference between Indiana and Illinois. He was up late, but he loved the fireworks,”. Chris told us.

While Alex’s grandmother predicted he would be asleep before they even got out of town, his parents knew better.

“I knew he wouldn’t fall asleep in the car. That’s just not his style. He is to into everything around him,” Chris said.

That is when the parents say they discovered the next layer of toddler tired.

“His crappy moment came and went. He was being a butthead when we tried to take photos, that next layer? Sassy, silly, and really smart,” Chris said.

They say the toddler was talking about specific dance moves he performed while watching a band perform. He was making up things that he thinks individual stores sell, based on their lit up signs.

“He also demanded the Rascal Flatts song, Life is a Highway on repeat while we were on the interstate. That was 100 percent based on the scene from Cars where Mac was driving at night-time on the highway…he saw all of the other semis and was about that song. He pretty much sand it word for word,” Chris said.

He said Popeyes was the ‘ABC Store’ because their sign is a big P, McDonald’s was the Playplace store, and he pointed out several banks as money stores.

Parents say they have only let their toddler stay up that late (on purpose) one other time…for fireworks last year. He wasn’t nearly as fun they said.

They don’t plan on keeping him awake that late until around this time next year.

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