Pre-bedtime timeout end up being more punishments for parents than three-year-old

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of local parents say a last second, pre-bedtime timeout ended up being more punishment for them than their three-year-old.

It happened on Thursday night in southern Vigo County.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex tell FTN their their three-year-old Alex pinched his mom on his way to bed.

The parents are currently on a zero tolerance policy in an attempt to slow down some of the alleged pinching and throwing incidents.

“I think Chris was ready to go easy on him. Our dinner was done, we were ready to watch Big Brother. I knew putting him in the timeout would be more than just the two to three minute punishment,” Ami said.

The extra work would involve calming Alex back down, and getting him back into sleep mode, Chris told us.

“Yeah, I was ready to let it slide. I was so hungry…and he was so tired. I didn’t say anything to contradict her before hand, but man, if it were just me I would have let slide,” Chris said.

Parents say they were able to ultimately able to calm him back down with their nightly singing of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and the alphabet song.

“He cried through the sunshine song. He was singing it, while crying. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a three-year-old cry through such a happy song,” Chris told us.

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