‘He went on a Thomas and Percy rampage…’ Three-year-old’s confiscated toy collection hits record high as parents see one night spike in throwing

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of local parents say their three-year-old’s confiscated toy collection hit a record high limit on Sunday.

According to parents Chris and Ami Essex, they are fighting a throwing toys problem with their son Alex.

“When he gets mad or frustrated…he will throw the toy,” Chris said. “We are really working to put an end to it.”

To fight the problem, parents are taking the thrown toy away, and putting it out of reach for the rest of the day.

“We’ve see a difference. For the most part, it is getting better,” Ami said.

That is, until Sunday.

Parents believe Alex was tired after a night at his grandmother’s, and spending the day outside playing.

“Look, you never sleep as well in a different bed. I get that. But he went on a rampage. He went on a Thomas and Percy rampage. During that rampage, it really hit home how many Thomas and Percy toy trains he has. I don’t even think that was half of them,” Chris told us.

Ami admits this was a setback, but said this is the first punishment she has seen make a difference.

“We will stay the course with this one. A zero tolerance policy,” Ami said.

Parents say his trains will be returned on Monday morning when he wakes up.

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