Creepy or fun? Dad moves hand painted portrait to toddler’s playroom

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Critics are calling the placement of a portrait in a three-year-old’s playroom something from a dictatorship.

On Monday night, after three-year-old Alex Essex went to bed, his dad Chris, placed a hand painted portrait of himself in Alex’s playroom.

“A coworker, several years ago painted this of me. I think he was working on getting better and painted a few of us at work. I thought it was so well done and really cool looking,” Chris said.

For the past couple of years, the artwork lived in Chris and his wife Ami’s bedroom. That is, until Chris moved it to the playroom.

“I kind of wanted to see Alex’s reaction,” Chris said. “My intention is not to leave it there forever.”

Critics of the move say it resembles a dictatorship.

“Kind of like…I am always watching,” Ami said.

She thinks the move is a little creepy, but said she would allow it for now.

“We will see…mostly I’m just too tired to do anything about it right now,” Ami said.

Chris was surprised to hear the creepy comment.

“She said that? This coming from the woman who has co-signed on around the clock bedroom monitoring of Alex, with a baby monitor, since the day he was born,” Chris told us.

Alex thought the artwork was funny, pointing at it non stop saying “Daddy is up there.”

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