Dad keeps using photos of his son on a legitimate news website as the stock kid pics

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad says his son makes the perfect stock photo child for the legitimate news website he works with for his full time job.

Chris Essex told FTN he uploaded a new photo of his son, three-year-old, Alex on Tuesday to his station’s website.

“I needed a photo of a newborn baby. Illinois received a grant to improve maternal health…I have 234 pictures of newborn Alex,” Chris said.

Chris told us he has used photos of his son for several different stories.

“I sometimes use him for stories where you can’t be kid specific. Sometimes we will have a story about the need for foster parents, for obvious reasons, you can’t use a foster child’s photo on the news…so Alex will often be my stand-in,” Chris admitted.

He told us he uses his son for stories about not forgetting your kid in a car seat in hot weather, kids needing more outside activity, kids at the doctor, and any other kid related story.

“Usually it isn’t face specific to him, unless it is newborn Alex…because most newborns look the same. I love using pictures of him, because he’s my kid..but also because they work for the story…and I hate generic photos,” Chris told us.

Alex’s mom, Ami, says she is okay with it too.

“It’s kind of fun seeing him on there, you know where he will pop up next!” Ami said.

You can see examples of Chris using Alex below.

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