Three-year-old finally gets inside bounce house

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – After around 10 attempts over the course of two years, a local three-year-old finally got inside of a bounce house.

That’s according to Alex Essex’s dad, Chris.

It happened at the Bouncin Barn in Terre Haute.

Chris told Fake Toddler News both him, and his wife Ami have been working on getting Alex to actually get inside a bounce house for some time, but he was scared.

“I knew he would love it, if we could just convince him it was okay. We tried to guide him and suggest for him to do it, but we always received a no as a response,” Ami said.

The family decided to space out their Bouncin Barn trips, that costs $5, in cash only, since Alex only played with toys he had at home when he went.

“I mean, he had the chance to play with other kids, which is cool, and the $5 would not have been a problem…except it has to be in cash. Honestly, who has cash? We have to go to the ATM before we go every time, and he wasn’t even using the bounce houses,” Chris said.

During their most recent trip, Alex finally decided to give it a try.

“I think a couple of things helped. First, it was a Thomas, a bootleg Thomas, but a Thomas the Train looking bounce house…also, there was a little girl inside trying to talk him into getting in. Those two together made it happen I think,” Chris said.

Alex was reportedly a little scared at first, but Chris said he warmed up to it pretty quick.

“Yeah, he liked it when he finally got in. He was a little unsure for a second, but when he learned he could literally bounce off the walls…fall down and bounce some more…he was in. He was still afraid of some of the bigger bounce houses. But that’s okay, baby steps!” Chris told us.

He said not that Alex will use the bounce houses, they plan to make more trips once it gets cold outside.

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