‘There’s no reason to use up the space…’ mom comes up with bogus excuse so she could have popsicle on the drive home

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad has accused his wife of coming up with the worst excuse he could think of to have a popsicle on their drive home from the grocery store.

It happened over the weekend as Chris, Ami, and Alex Essex were leaving Meijer in Terre Haute.

“So, she wanted popsicles,” Chris said. “Who doesn’t love popsicles? Except Alex, for some reason…he doesn’t like them. But she wanted them, and that’s totally cool.”

As they family was set to load the one grocery bag into the trunk of the car for the drive home, Chris said Ami came up with a bogus excuse to keep the bag in the front seat with her.

“I will just keep that in the front seat with me, that way we won’t use up the trunk space…that’s what she said,” Chris told us.

According to Chris, the only thing in the trunk is a baby walker and yoga mat, neither one taking up much room.

“We had a ton of room back there. So the one bag from Meijer…yeah, we had a lot of room for that,” Chris said. “That’s when I laughed at her, questioning the use of the room.”

She later admitted she just wanted a popsicle from the bag.

“Yeah, I wanted a popsicle for the drive home. I had to come up with an excuse because Chris would have made fun of me for acting like a three-year-old,” Ami said laughing.

Chris told us he fully understands what he got into when he married her, and would have been more surprised if she didn’t have a popsicle on the drive home.

“Well, yeah, I expected her to have one, honestly. She didn’t have to make up an excuse. I had one too!” Chris told us.

Alex refused a popsicle, playing with a mini pumpkin his parents picked up for him.

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