Dad issues heart felt thank you to the makers of Thomas the Tank Engine toys

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad says he is grateful to the makers of a line of toys.

On Tuesday, Chris Essex expressed his gratitude to the company or companies that creat the entire line of Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

Chris says his three-year-old son, Alex, is obsessed with anything Thomas.

“How many Thomas trains does he have? Counting the minis and the Trackmaster Thomas? 50…at least 50,” Chris said.

Chris says the problem is, many of the trains Alex has aren’t big deal trains, so he doesn’t know their names.

“Sure…if you have a kid you know Thomas, James, Percy, Toby, Emily, all of the main crew…but Cuddlee? Charlie? Who the hell is that?,” Chris asked.

He says he is thankful, because the company places the names on the bottom of all of the trains.

“I am aware, they sell all if these one off trains for kids who have no idea, but just see the train with a face and they are in. I’m good with that…but no way I am learning all of their names. This way, a quick glance at the bottom gives me what I need,” Chris said.

He wishes other toy makers would follow suit.

“He is into Pixar’s Cars movies. In the first and third movies, mostly, there are a lot of extra racers that night have one line. Guess what, they sell those toy cars, and Alex has many of them. Do you remember the combine’s name Mater and Lightning ran from in the first movie? His name is Frank. I have to look that up every single time. How about the number 33 ‘Mood’ car? No idea,” Chris ranted.

He says if the names were on the bottom of those toys, his life would be much easier.

“Seriously, I don’t know who makes the Thomas toys…but thank you. Thank you thank you,” Chris said.

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