Three-year-old suffers series of head bonks after setting up play area under dining room table

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local three-year-old’s play time ended in tears multiple times after he dumped his toys under the family’s dining room table.

Parents say Alex Essex set of the ‘Island of Sodor’ when he dumped a container of Thomas trains under the table.

Alex’s dad Chris said the problem wasn’t with the toys, however.

“He would get excited. Stand up quick to go get something, and bank his head on the bottom,” Chris said.

At one point, Alex reportedly tried to flip the entire table over in frustration.

“He wanted to take it out on something, and the table became his target,” Chris told us.

Chris said he tried to move Alex into his playroom or even the living room, but the three-year-old wasn’t interested.

“He was really wanted to be under that table, every time I moved his toys, he brought them right back,” Chris said.

Alex does not appear to have suffered any significant injuries.

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