Parents forced to rethink holiday shopping strategy as three-year-old learns about ‘Netflix’ boxes

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of local parents say they are looking for new ways to smuggle Amazon boxes inside their home as their three-year-old has started to get excited every time he sees the logo on a box.

Chris and Ami Essex say their son Alex may not know what they box says, but he knows the smiley faced logo, and usually gets excited when he sees one come inside.

“So, he thinks it says Netflix. He calls them the Netflix boxes. So that’s pretty cute…but trying to figure out how to get a Christmas present past him, when it’s sitting right outside our front door is getting harder,” Chris said.

Chris and Ami admit that most packages are for him, but say it came to a head on Thursday when a package of dog food was delivered,

“He assumed it was for him and wanted me to open it. It was a big 20 or 30 pound bag of dog food. He knows what dog food is…he helps feed the dog sometimes. He assumed though, his toy or shirt, or whatever…was inside of the dog food bag, when it wasn’t in the box,” Ami told us.

She says he didn’t cry or get a get…but was just kind of confused.

“We are going to have to figure something out. Maybe hide the box in the car until he goes to bed? I have no idea. He’s curious…and I can’t fault him for that. We are entering the stage where we have to start working for it. Outsmarting a three-year-old is harder than most non-parents think,” Chris said.

Ami told us she has already done quite a bit of holiday shopping.

“We will figure it out…its just figuring out how to overcome the challenge,” Chris said.

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