Dad captures rare photo of clean playroom…with kid inside, experts think it is fake

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad says he was able to take a photo of his three-year-old’s clean playroom…with the child still inside the playroom, but experts are raising doubts to the validity of the photo.

Chris Essex is three-year-old Alex’s dad. He says he was able to grab a photo of Alex in the playroom…with all of the toys put away.

“He was in there…and yes, it was clean. I had to snap a photo. Usually it is a mad house. You can’t walk across. When he is awake that is. Usually…sometimes…we clean it up after he goes to bed,” Chris told us.

Chris claims the photo was taken right before Alex’s bed time.

“I just got home from work, and my wife, Ami cleaned the playroom up while he was still awake. Which I think is just inviting madness. I don’t understand why she would even attempt that. She did, and I had to snap a photo,” Chris told us.

An anonymous expert we spoke with says the photo appears to be fake.

“See the blur on the child? It looks like that part was lifted from another photo and placed in a clean playroom photo. Plus, who hangs a portrait of themselves in their child’s playroom? So many red flags,” our expert said.

We showed that statement to Chris.

“Fake? No. It was blurry because he was moving. As for the portrait. Yes. It is a little weird…but it was part of a joke and I just haven’t taken it down yet. Whatever. He likes it. I don’t have anything to prove,” Chris told us.

We reached out to Ami for a comment, but Chris said she was picking up groceries.

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