‘…I really felt like a ninja.’ Dad successfully puts PlayDoh away without alerting his kid

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – An early morning wake-up call turned into a way too early PlayDoh play session.

It happened Saturday morning in southern Vigo County.

Parents say three-year-old Alex Essex woke his dad up around 7:00 a.m. wanting to play PlayDoh.

IMG_8146.JPG“So, I went for it. I got it out of bed and got it out for him. It gave me a chance to make breakfast and have coffee. He’s really good with PlayDoh…he just has a lot of it,” Alex’s dad, Chris, told us.

About an hour later, Alex was reportedly ready to move on so he could play with his trains. Chris told us the challenge was putting the PlayDoh away, without alerting Alex.

“If he sees or hears you putting something away – all the sudden that’s all he want’s to do.  So, my challenge was cleaning it all up, without him knowing I cleaned it up. I really felt like a ninja. He didn’t catch me doing any of it,” Chris said.

Alex did see Chris carrying it back to the fridge, where he started to say he wanted to play with it, but Chris told us he was able to shut it down quickly.

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